Catherine Clarke

I have been building a list of adult non-fiction and children’s fiction writers since 2001, and I am still looking for exceptional authors in both strands. In non-fiction, I particularly love history and philosophy and biography, especially from authors who have the academic credentials or expertise but also have the ambition and vision and writerly skill to make us see their subjects in a new light, or to overturn received wisdom. I also love outstanding nature writing with a dash of compelling memoir. In children’s and young adult, I look for great storytelling that hits the ground running, is beautifully and succinctly written, and makes me race to the last page. Very occasionally I represent adult fiction, with the same criteria. I am a passionate believer in the importance of recognizing women’s achievements in publishing, and in 2003 I co-founded the Kim Scott Walwyn Prize to foster that. In 2017 I was named Literary Agent of the Year in the British Book Awards, and I am currently Vice-President of the Association of Authors’ Agents.

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