Dame Claire Bertschinger DBE DL

The nurse who inspired Bob Geldof to set up Band Aid tells her story of life on the front line in over a dozen war zones.

Sir Bob Geldof: “In her was vested the power of life and death, she had become God-like, and that is unbearable for anyone”.

Janine di Giovanni, (author of Madness Visible: A Memoir of War) “It was Claire Bertschinger, who brought the world’s attention to the starvation in Ethiopia. If not for her, there would have been no BBC cameras, no Live Aid, no Bob Geldof, and no outpouring of compassion and camaraderie that restored one’s faith in humanity, if only for a few minutes. Bertschinger’s courage is matched only by her conviction; her tireless effort to comfort the hungry and dying (her biography ‘Moving Mountains’) is a beautiful story that needed to be told and, more importantly, needs to be read.”

Michael Buerk wrote: Claire’s biography Moving Mountains “The story of the woman who inspired Live Aid, one of the true heroines of our time. Claire is the dyslexic tomboy who grew up to spend her life patching up humanity’s self-inflicted wounds, working with the wounded, the sick and the dying, in the battlefields and famine camps of the late twentieth century; a life often lived beyond breaking point that threatened to destroy her. An ordinary woman who did extraordinary things and really did move mountains.”

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