How We Live Now

Posted on 04/05/2020

This series came from our initial response to the worldwide crisis. As well as Zoom interviews to highlight the agents’ ways of working, we called out to our authors to write something – anything they thought appropriate – as a response to their experience being in lockdown during a global pandemic. We asked them how they lived now.

The response was breathtaking.

And so this is what we present: a series of pieces about these uncertain times, in the spirit of what the Guardian recently called ‘thoughtful, nuanced portrayals of life under altered circumstances’. In that quote, Lucy Mangan was referring to Meg Rosoff’s classic novel How I Live Now, which has swept back into the charts, nearly two decades after its release. It became the inspiration for our title.

April 20: Anna Hope – All of Life Ahead of Us

April 24: Karen Armstrong – Isolation

April 27: Meg Rosoff – Alexanders the Great

May 1: Graham Caveney – Neurosis in the Time of Lockdown

May 4: Rhidian Brook – Soap, Lemons, Paracetamol

May 7: Fran Monks – Portraits at Social Distance