Catherine Clarke sells two new non-fiction titles in UK, Commonwealth, North America

Posted on 02/10/2019

Former BBC Beijing correspondent and author of three acclaimed spy thrillers Adam BrookesFragile Cargo tells the extraordinary true story of the evacuation of China’s Forbidden City art collection to hiding places in the western provinces, as the Japanese forces advanced during World War Two. UK and Commonwealth rights have been sold at auction to Clara Farmer at Chatto & Windus, and North American rights for six figures to Peter Borland at Atria.

Meanwhile, UK and Commonwealth rights in The Descent of Language by Morten H. Christiansen, Professor of Psychology at Cornell University, and renowned cognitive psychologist Nick Chater, have been acquired by Susanna Wadeson at Transworld. The book draws upon its authors’ wealth of field-research experience to provide a new understanding of human communication, using a vivid range of historical and contemporary case studies to demonstrate that language is not innate, but a game of daily improvisation.