Mance and Newbery Make the Case for Treating Animals More Humanely

Posted on 27/07/2021

This summer saw the passing of the Animal Welfare Sentencing Act: a landmark legislation increasing the maximum prison term for animal abusers from six months to five years. The Act shows a rising preoccupation about the way we treat animals, introducing one of the toughest sentences in Europe for cruel abuses of animals (such as illegally cropping dog’s ears and neglect on farms). Two recently published FBA titles add to the power of protest through their examination of humanity’s troubled relationship with animals; together, they make the case for a future where we put our love for animals into practice…

How to Love Animals: In a Human-Shaped World, Henry Mance (Jonathan Cape, April 2021)

How to Love Animals

How to Love Animals: In a Human-Shaped World sees Henry Mance go on a personal quest to see if there is a fairer way to share the planet with the other species who enrich our lives. Tackling our contradictory impulses to pamper pets yet turn a blind eye to slaughter, Mance goes to work on an abattoir at a pig farm, meets chefs, hunters, activists, scientists and conservationists, reveal

ing that the way we treat animals may not only be unethical but also unsustainable. Mance converted from vegetarianism to veganism while writing the book, and media reviews have astutely picked up on the way he makes a ‘sanctimony-free case for treating animals more humanely’ (The Times), carefully balancing ‘a strong moral compass’ with ‘on occasion laugh-out-loud funny’ writing (New Statesman). You can purchase it here.


This Book Is Cruelty Free: Animals and Us, Linda Newbery (Pavilion, July 2021)

Linda Newbery’s This Book Is Cruelty Free provides an accessible and passionate handbook for older children on how our everyday choices affect the planet we live on. Packed with information on how to live a cruelty-free life, the book encourages you to question where the food on your plate comes from, how to be an ethical pet owner, zoos and conservation work, the vital role bugs play in the ecosystem and going plastic free. Newbery is a long-term supporter of welfare and environmental organisations and a member of campaign groups, including Authors4Oceans, Wild Justice and Extinction Rebellion. You can purchase her book here.