Tim Harford launches podcast with Malcolm Gladwell’s Pushkin Industries

Posted on 15/11/2019

Writer, presenter and ‘undercover economist’ Tim Harford has launched an exciting new podcast, Cautionary Tales, with Pushkin Industries, a company co-founded by Jacob Weisberg and non-fiction megastar Malcolm Gladwell.

We tell our children unsettling fairy tales to teach them valuable life lessons, but these Cautionary Tales are for the education of the grown ups – and they are all true. Tim brings you stories of awful human error, tragic catastrophes, daring heists and hilarious fiascos. They’ll delight you, scare you, but also make you wiser. Featuring original music and an award-winning cast including Alan Cumming and Archie Panjabi (The Good Wife), Toby Stephens (Die Another Day), Russell Tovey (Quantico) – and Malcolm Gladwell himself.

You can listen to Cautionary Tales right here: https://cms.megaphone.fm/channel/cautionarytales

…or catch up with it on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or your own favourite podcatcher.

Happy listening!