Sleepless Martinis, Going Big, and Feeling the Magic

Posted on 24/02/2020

Last week was event-packed for us here at the agency, beginning on Monday with the launch of Clover Stroud’s “tender, blazing, funny, unflinching” (Rachel Joyce) My Wild and Sleepless Nights at the Bloomsbury Club, which set Instagram on fire and even featured a special “Sleepless Night” martini:

You can buy Clover’s brutal and beautiful memoir here, with a discount and free delivery. Sadly, the Sleepless Night Martinis are unavailable over the internet, which is probably, all angles considered, a Very Good Thing.

There was no time for hangovers, though, as the very next day saw the nation’s favourite teacher, star of Educating Yorkshire – and of course, our author – Mr Matthew Burton on The One Show (along with the stars of This Country) talking with Mushy Asghar, the pupil he so inspirationally helped with his stammer, and chatting about his “secondary school survival guide”: Go Big., which should be mandatory reading for all year 7-9s.

Certainly, the lives of Kurtan and Kerry Mucklowe might have been very different if they’d read it… although on second thoughts Kurtan might have used his copy as kindling in a case of minor arson while Kerry would have thrown hers at that gang from the next village who think they’re well hard even though they wouldn’t even dream of coming near her because they know the whole Cotswolds is afraid of her left hook.

Should you know any kids with a better outlook than Kerry and Kurtan, though, you can pre-order Go Big: The Secondary School Survival Guide here, again with a discount and free P&P.

But our week wasn’t over there. On Thursday we were down to Daunt Books to celebrate The Magicians, a book not about Harry Houdini or Derren Brown but Albert Einstein, Wolfgang Pauli, and many others like them – the scientists who, using mathematics, predicted the existence of unknown planets, black holes, invisible force fields, ripples in the fabric of space-time, unsuspected subatomic particles, and even antimatter.

Many of the great and good were present – not just from the world of science and publishing, but also national treasures like John Lloyd, of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Blackadder, and QI fame, pictured here with Felicity, BAFTA-nominated filmmaker Professor Chris Riley, and a glass of champagne.

All in all, quite a week. Three books launched, three authors celebrated, and three cocktails drunk.

Yes, three.

Definitely just the three.