James Naughtie hits the Road running

Posted on 13/04/2020

For decades after moving into radio, James Naughtie has been a BBC superstar, presenting the flagship Today programme for over twenty years – being named the “best voice to wake up to” in a countrywide poll – and covering every election, British and American, since he began.

It’s the second of those countries that’s the subject of his new book – On the Road.  In his half-century visiting and reporting on the ‘Land of the Free’, Jim has amassed an incredible collection of anecdotes, memories, tears and laughter, stories that reflect his characteristic warmth and enthusiasm in encountering the America of Washington, of Broadway, of the small town and the plains.

THE MAIL: James Naughtie’s sublime On The Road distils 50 years of adventuring in America into a revealing tapestry of a nation in all its glory and complexity… This is the rarest of reads, a book that makes you ache to hop on a plane and sample this extraordinary country for yourself. It is thought-provoking, constantly surprising and hugely entertaining…

In looking at America, from Presidents Nixon through to Trump, James tells the story of a country that is grappling with a dream. What has it come to mean in the new century?  Who do Americans now think they are?

And as the 2020 presidential elections are well underway, Jim sees for himself how the main contenders are campaigning. He sees, also, how Trump himself is dealing with impeachment proceedings, and, what the ordinary citizen thinks of it all.  Already scooping an Independent Book of the Month honour, in addition to a trunkload of glowing reviews, including a rave from The Scotsman, and a Waterstones Book to Look Out For in April, this one looks set to run and run.

…or should that be drive and drive?

Jim at the ’76 Democratic Convention

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