Welcoming our new client, Tiffany Watt Smith

Posted on 25/10/2018

We are very excited to welcome our new client, Tiffany Watt Smith.

Tiffany is author of SchadenfreudeThe Joy of Another’s Misfortune (UK, Wellcome/Profile; US, Little Brown), published this month to high praise: Is our zeitgeist a Spitegeist? – The Guardian,  The Joy of Another’s Misfortune by Tiffany Watt Smith — why we love a bad-luck story – The Times, and appeared on the cover of The Observer magazine.

Her previous book, The Book of Human Emotions (UK Wellcome/Profile 2015; US Little Brown, 2016) tells the stories of 154 feelings from around the world, and has been published in 9 countries so far. She is also the author of an academic monograph On Flinching (OUP, 2014).

Her TED talk The History of Human Emotions has been viewed by over 1.6 million people around the world.

Tiffany is represented by Carrie Plitt.