The Oxford Literary Festival – Wednesday 1st April

Posted on 04/03/2020

Called “the leading literary festival of the year” by Tim Waterstone, the Oxford Lit Fest has certainly become a bookish highlight…

Wednesday, 1st April

12pm, Oxford Martin School Seminar Room
Adrian Tinniswood–The House Party: Leisure, Pleasure and the Country House Weekend

The architectural and social historian gives a unique insight into the quintessentially British tradition of the country house party. Adrian looks at the country house weekend in all its wildest and most decadent forms, from debauched royal tours to the excesses of the Bright Young Things, from the world of croquet, parlour games and cocktails to the hidden drinking, feasting, gambling and fornicating habits of the guests at The House Party.



6pm, Bodleian Divinity School
Adrian Tinniswood–The Royal Society and the Invention of Modern Science

A busy day for Adrian as he turns his evening attentions to The Royal Society and why it has been at the forefront of cultural life in Britain and across the globe for more than 350 years.
TRS received its charter from Charles II in 1662, and its scientific journal is the world’s first and longest-running. The 8,000 fellows elected to the society so far include all of the leading scientists of the last four centuries, including Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Dorothy Hodgkin and Stephen Hawking.