The Oxford Literary Festival 2020 – Monday 30th March

Posted on 02/03/2020

Described as “the best day I have enjoyed at any festival – anywhere” – by twice Booker-winner Peter Carey, the Ox Lit Fest is one of the highlights of the literary year…

Monday, 30th March

6pm, Sheldonian Theatre
James Barr interviewed by Matthew Stadlen–Lords of the Desert: Britain’s Struggle with America to Dominate Middle East

Historian Barr talks about how Britain and the United States rivalled each other for post-war influence in the Middle East, in conversation with LBC radio host and BBC presenter Matthew Stadlen. James uses new source material to challenge the assumption that the US and Britain have colluded in the Middle East. He reveals how the CIA sabotaged British efforts to maintain a post-war sphere of influence that threatened US-owned oil companies, how the US foiled a British attempt to split Iran in 1951, uncovers the clandestine efforts of British intelligence and explains how the US ultimately prevailed to become Lords of the Desert.