Remember, Remember: New Novels from Jonathan Coe and Louis de Bernières Coming November 5

Posted on 08/10/2020

Readers looking to snuggle up with a cracking good read ahead of the fireworks (that’s Bonfire Night, not the US election) are in for a real treat this year with two of Britain’s most lauded novelists releasing much-anticipated new books on the very same day.

**The dazzling new novel from the prize-winning, bestselling author of Middle England**

In the heady summer of 1977, a naïve young woman called Calista sets out from Athens to venture into the wider world. On a Greek island that has been turned into a film set, she finds herself working for the famed Hollywood director Billy Wilder, about whom she knows almost nothing. But the time she spends in this glamorous, unfamiliar new life will change her for good…



Daniel Pitt was an RAF fighter in the First World War and an espionage agent for the SOE in the Second. Now the conflicts he faces are closer to home…

Louis de Bernières’ new novel is a moving account of an extraordinary life in extraordinary times. Daniel is a flawed but captivating hero, and this coming-of-old-age story illuminates both the effect of two World Wars on a generation and the irrepressible spirit and love that can connect people despite great obstacles, and proves once more that Louis is the absolute master of historical fiction which makes you both laugh and cry.