Mary Berry’s Simple Comforts captures the nation’s heart, shooting to #1 in the charts

Posted on 08/10/2020

The world at present is uncertain, unpredictable, often scary. With anxiety around every corner, we are searching for one thing more than ever right now – comfort.

And that, it seems, is why the British public have been buying Mary Berry’s new cookbook in their droves (as you can do from a range of online retailers right here).

Alongside the BBC series, which sees Mary travelling from the chic streets of Paris to the snowy highlands of Scotland (complete with resident huskies), SIMPLE COMFORTS collects 120 of the easiest, heartiest, tastiest recipes – meals guaranteed to warm the cockles of any hungry heart.

And it came flying out of the blocks, selling thousands and thousands in its first week as it raced to #2 in the overall Bookscan charts, behind only a certain children’s author with a certain controversial crime novel.

Β Proud to represent the only book in the top four without a murder.

But better was yet to come. Inspired by Mary’s intrepid adventure along the windswept Yorkshire coastline, sales figures continued to climb and climb, until SIMPLE COMFORTS reached the number one spot across all of Amazon, fiction and non.

Not got your copy yet? Grab it here.


And don’t forget to tune in on Wednesday evenings – or catch up on iPlayer – to see Mary in all her inimitable glory. Sheer perfection.