FBA Partner with The Stinging Fly to Launch New Fiction Writing Prize

Posted on 19/05/2022

We are incredibly excited to announce our sponsorship of the Stinging Fly/FBA Fiction Prize, which will be awarded annually to an emerging fiction writer published in The Stinging Fly during the previous year. We have long admired the bold and exciting new writing published by The Stinging Fly and are delighted to support their work providing writers with a platform.

This year’s inaugural winner of the €2000 prize is Emer O’Hanlon for her story,  ‘Diana in a lonely place’ (published in The Stinging Fly’s Summer 2021 Issue). She will be presented with the award at The Stinging Fly Summer Party at the International Literature Festival Dublin on May 26. Judging the 2022 prize were author Colin Barrett (Homesickness), Stinging Fly contributing editor and author Mia Gallagher (Beautiful Pictures of the Lost Homeland) and our very own Angelique Tran Van Sang. The panel was chaired by Thomas Morris, author (We Don’t Know What We’re Doing) and Editor-at-Large of The Stinging Fly.

Awarding the prize, the judges stated:

“A scorching, confounding story that resists easy choices, Emer O’Hanlon’s ‘Diana in a lonely place’ is a work of exceptional accomplishment. With great skill, subtlety and humanity, it weaves and subverts core elements of the classic short-story form, examining the intersection between our online and offline selves from surprisingly fresh angles. Brutal and beautiful in its execution, the story pushes up against what is comfortable, entangling the reader in a complicity that lays bare the starkest and rawest elements of human connection.”

 The judges also commended two further stories: ‘The Baby’ by Jacinta Mulders (Australia) and ‘The Strange Kid’ by Glen Jeffries (UK).

Commenting on her win, Emer O’Hanlon said:

“As a new writer balancing studies and work with writing, I never feel that I’m doing ‘enough’. This prize has come at a time when I have been struggling to carve time for my writing as well as figure out which direction I should go in next. The professional (not to mention financial!) backing of this award feels game-changing. I considered it a huge privilege to be published in the journal at all last year; to receive such an endorsement from The Stinging Fly, whose publications I am in awe of and whose ethos I admire, is really special and exciting.”

The Bookseller and The Irish Times both shared news of the prize.