James Wythe

James Wythe is a food blogger and heath coach who taught himself to cook when he became seriously ill with M.E. and ended up being bed bound for two years. His recipes are simple, accessible and cater to all sorts of different health needs.

His first recipe book, Healthy Living James, sold to Headline at auction and was published in March 2022. Jam-packed with 80 easy, healthy recipes, this cookbook is for anyone who is suffering ill health, has food allergies, is totally new to cooking, or simply lacks time.

Each recipe is: gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, mainly plant-based (but it’s easy to add meat or fish), simple to follow, affordable and easy to adapt with ingredient swaps. With ideas for breakfast and brunch, on-the-go lunches, batch cooking, store cupboard meals and week-night dinners, there will be something for everyone.

Photo courtesy of Laura Bailey

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