Barton’s ‘Bible’ Marches On

Posted on 30/04/2020

Huge congratulations to Professor Barton, shortlisted for the leading – and most valuable – history prize in Britain, the Wolfson, with £40,000 to the winner and £4,000 to each runner-up.

According to organisers:

This year’s shortlist has a distinctly global focus, with five of the six titles exploring non-British history. International topics covered in the shortlist range from an exploration of Chaucer’s relationship with Europe, to a history of West Africa from the rise of the slave trade to the age of revolution, to Anglo-Indian relations through the untold history of the first All India cricket team and a seminal study of the impact of the Bible on world religions and cultures. The Prize recognises books that brim with brilliance and that break new ground in our understanding of past societies across the globe. These are books which are compellingly written to appeal to all. We are living in a strange and unsettling moment, but the value of books and reading is perhaps emphasised as never before during lockdown – when many of us are looking for distraction, entertainment and education.

The shortlist announcement comes as historical non-fiction sees a 14% uplift in sales over the past five years, with World History experiencing phenomenal growth in the UK, with a 92% increase in book sales since 2015, according to new data from Nielsen.

A Sunday Times Bestseller on release, A HISTORY OF THE BIBLE: The Book & Its Faiths won the Duff Cooper Prize last month and is available now in paperback, eBook and audio.

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