Lucy Worsley – The Austen Girls

Posted on 14/04/2020

To celebrate the release of Lucy’s fabulous new novel The Austen Girls, we’ve been running an Easter giveaway on Twitter!

The response was so huge we rootled around the FBAtrium and discovered some more of Lucy’s novels – to make FIVE prizes in total – the full set above, Austen Girls on its own, and two sets of the previous books, Eliza Rose and My Name is Victoria – all Lucy’s novels try to redress the balance of women in history while also being rollicking good reads – and a single Victoria.

And so, the time has come.  We’re no fans of the excruciating X-Factor pause, so…


(excuse while we rummage in the digital hat…)

  1. Greig Alan James Spencer – @greigo_uk
  2. Alexandra Wilson@amwilson_opera
  3. Eloise Williams@Eloisejwilliams
  4. L C Coole@LCCoole
  5. Eloise@eloisewrites

Congratulations to all five of you! (Also, digital hat, TWO Eloises? WTF? Did you have a long-lost love in your past…?)

And finally, because Emily Charlotte (@Lazerbeam_sky) and her friend Emma (@GibbsGibbs9) were so looking forward to seeing Lucy in Bath but couldn’t because of the corona lockdown, we’re going to send them a proof (advance reading copy) of The Austen Girls… because we’re soppy like that.

How This Works

There are five prizes, so we will message the winners in the order you came out of the hat, and they can pick whichever of the five they prefer. The next person will have four choices, and so on.

Thank you so much for playing – the response has been overwhelming – and keep following for more competitions… during this lockdown everyone needs reading, needs relaxation, needs escapism, so we’re planning a new one at least every fortnight.

And of course, if you didn’t win, but just can’t wait to read Lucy’s “sparkling and wittty” novel of Jane Austen’s nieces, you can grab your own copy with free P&P and a discount here.

Why it’s important you buy books now and don’t wait until COVID-19 is over…

The book trade – like all non-essential retail, but particularly a section that has seen struggles over the last decade or two – is in desperate need of help.  Your help.

There are easy online alternatives to Amazon if you’re worried about ethical issues – though we also recognise that economic factors mean some bookbuyers can’t afford to be choosy.  Audible and Kindle are cheaper than a new HB, and in lockdown, both are sensible choices.  But if you want to read the physical book and hold it in your hands then buy now with free P&P plus a discount from:




Hive donate to help keep local indies alive and thriving, and Blackwells are an Oxford institution with one of the best online services in the game. Worthy causes.

Buy books. Help bookshops stay open. Allow writers to stay writing the books you love.