Mirabel Osler (Estate of)

Mirabel Osler (1925-2016) was a garden designer and regular writer for the garden magazine Hortus. She married Julian Osler in 1951 and they lived in Thailand and Corfu before returning to live in Shropshire. Her book, A Gentle Plea for Chaos: The Enchantment of Gardening (1989), is a stirring appeal for gardens that have lives of their own and sent a breath of fresh air through the stuffy English gardening world.

Osler’s other critically acclaimed books include The Secret Gardens of France (1988), The Garden Bench (1991), The Garden Wall (1993), In the Eye of the Garden (1993), The Garden Wall (1993), A Spoon With Every Course (1996), A Breath from Elsewhere (1998) and The Elusive Truffle (2000). Her final book was The Rain Treea graceful and deeply affecting meditation on the profound pleasures of writing, gardens, travel and food, published by Bloomsbury in 2012.

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