Queen Elizabeth II Award for Acosta

Posted on 27/04/2018, in Awards

Carlos Acosta CBE is to be awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Award by the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), in recognition of his standing as one of the most influential figures in dance today.

Throughout his extraordinary career as a renowned dancer, and now choreographer and artistic director, Carlos Acosta has been a source of inspiration to dancers around the world. Through the work of the Carlos Acosta International Dance Foundation, he helps young people to have access to dance- an ambition which is also at the heart of the RAD’s mission.

On being selected to receive the award, Carlos said: “I am delighted to receive the Royal Academy of Dance’s QEII Coronation Award. It is an honour to join this prestigious list of dance leaders, many of whom I have drawn inspiration from and had the opportunity to work with during my career.”

Luke Rittner Chief Executive of the RAD said: “Carlos Acosta’s career – both as a dancer and now as choreographer and artistic director – really does speak for itself. As a recipient of the QEII Coronation Award, Carlos Acosta will take his place in a glittering roll call of outstanding performers, directors, choreographers and teachers.

“The Royal Academy of Dance and Carlos Acosta share a common goal: to inspire and nurture young dancers around the world, and to make dance as accessible as possible. The decision to honour Carlos Acosta with our most prestigious award was unanimous.”

Carlos Acosta will receive the award at a special ceremony at the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park in London, on Monday 15 October 2018.

Carlos Acosta’s memoir No Way Home tells the story of the eleventh child of a truck driver in the slums of Havana who was a delinquent and whose father put him into ballet school to get him off the streets. Published by HarperCollins UK, Scribners US and Schott in Germany, it was a huge success. YURI, the film based on the memoir, directed by Iciar Bollain and written by Paul Laverty, will be launched in September 2018.

His first novel, Pig’s Foot, is set in a former slave community in Cuba. Bloomsbury published it as a Waterstones’ debut selection in 2013.