Authors at Edinburgh Festival

Posted on 26/07/2018, in News

Many of our authors will be appearing at the 2018 Edinburgh Book Festival, which takes place from 11-27th August. Here is a full listing of their events:

Sunday 12th August: 10:30, Liz KesslerMermaids and Mysteries
Monday 13th August: 11:45, Sally Gardner with Charlie Higson and Darren Shan – How to Writer Horror (children’s event)
Monday 13th August: 12:15, Ian BlackRegion in Crisis
Tuesday 14th August: 11:45 – Louis de BernieresBetween the Wars
Tuesday 14th August: 13:00, Eleanor UpdaleReading Workshop
Tuesday 14th August: 14:00 Sally Gardner with Sophie Cameron – Sky Falling
Wednesday 15th August: 12:15, Lawrence FreedmanWhy War Marches On
Thursday 16th August: 13:30, James Naughtie1968: Year of Unrest and Freedom
Thursday – 15:45, David Pilling with Frank Furedi – Secular Gods: Fear and Growth
Friday 17th August: 18:45, Greg WiseNot That Kind of Love
Saturday 18th August: 11:45 Greg Wise with Sally Magnusson (recording for R4) – A Sister’s Life-Affirming Diary
Friday 24th August: 11:00 James Attlee with Olivier Widmaier Picasso – Picasso: Political Artist, Family Man
Friday 17:30 David Almond Amnesty International Writers Series
Friday 20:30 Rhidian Brook with Danny Denton – Wild and Tender Fiction
Saturday 25th August: 17:00 Will Eaves with Kristine Ulberga – Modern Fiction’s Rising Stars
Sunday 26th August: 16:00 Joe Jebelli with Tim Parks – Winding a Clear Path
Monday 27th August: 11:00 Natasha Farrant – Reading Workshop
Monday 27th August: 17:30 Natasha Farrant with Katherine Woodfine – Thrilling Adventures

Image: Edinburgh International Book Festival.