Agents on Zoom: Felicity Bryan MBE

Posted on 15/04/2020

In the second of our brand new series, Carrie interviews Felicity herself, our founder, matriarch, and all round superagent.Β  Find out how the crisis might have actually brought her closer to her authors, and the brilliant and ingenious new ways she is finding to promote them in the new, strange, and troubling times.

Carrie – co-host of popular book podcast Literary Friction and of course hugely successful agent in her own right – will interview one of her FBA colleagues each week, with the results posted on our brand new YouTube Channel.

If you missed the first in the series, with Caroline Wood, former film producer and agent for Jonathan Coe, Gill Hornby, Louis de BerniΓ¨res, Anna Hope, Damon Galgut, Clover Stroud and many, many more… you can catch up here:

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